Friday, April 16, 2010

Signs of the Times ~ Bluebird Style

Had loads of fun making this sign today to help direct people to the Vintage Market on May 1st! You'll see it on the corner where you turn off of State Highway "P" and onto West County Line Road. When you see the sign, you're nearly there :)

Also, be sure to check out the link at the bottom of my blog for Relics, a new Antique Mall in Springfield I'll be in with my vintage and antique merchandise ~ it's going to be the largest antique mall in the Show-Me State! There will be a tea room opening later in 2010 so check it out at 2015 West Battlefield in Springfield.

I'm still buying like there's no tomorrow! I have a bunch of really good vintage pieces for the Market and my always-helpful Mom has been busy "doing up" vintage linens. They are clean, crisp, starched, ironed and ready to use.  One of the things I've never understood since I've been a dealer is finding these superb antique linens that people let languish in their linen closet. I say, use 'em!


  1. Oh so pretty.I came here because of the bird,lol Your avatar.I love anything with birds and even parakeets too.Im a new follower hope to visit again soon.Come and visit me sometime!~~Becky

  2. Thanks Becky! I love the bluebird for a lot of reasons! Glad you stopped by and hope to see you again soon

  3. I think you're an artist too -- so multi-talented. When does the new flea mkt. open? Jan

  4. Thanks Jan... :) As for Relics, I think we can start moving in May 15th so I don't know if that's the opening day or just move in day. Getting pretty excited though!