Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Hunting in Neosho!

Took a fun and crazy overnight trip with my mom to the pretty town of Neosho to comb through their annual city-wide garage sale. The redbuds were in their full pink glory and it's just early enough we see the green but not the weeds across the hills and dales of the Ozarks. For a wonderful Sunday drive, take I-44 from Springfield toward Mt. Vernon and you won't believe all the color that's popped out!

Arrived Friday morning and scouted the 'main drag' Oak Ridge Drive. Here's me and my mom happy (no...elated!) with the boxes we carted away from this garage sale.

Good sales through Friday and we were worn out by the end of the day. My favorite thing is to rustle through boxes and after a full day it takes a toll on ones back. Up early Saturday and checked out Oak Ridge once again. They had already routed traffic in a one way loop through there by 6 a.m. Got some fab finds for the Market. Here's what you'll see, with traffic moving slower than a walking pace after the sun comes up...

One of our biggest challenges this morning was the 20 minute wait for the ladies' room at McDonalds! The town is just buzzing with activity and I commented to my mom that they all either have the cleanest closets in the world from this massive yearly sale event or else they just switch goods with each other :) Whatever they do I love it. Neosho is known as the Flower Box City and next weekend I believe is their annual Dogwood Festival. You can see a little of the trees in this final view of the sale...

Returned home but not before stopping at Pheona's Vintage Market in Billings to visit with Sheila, Shelly and Gretchen! Loved it! The displays are wonderful and it's the perfect place to show and sell antiques and vintage finds. I'm happy to say I am the proud owner of the most awesome 1930-40s dress in a blue and white print with...what else? Bluebirds! That one had my name stamped all over it and I'm just glad it was still available since I wasn't the first one in the door. It will be a nice display item and if I could lose about 100 pounds I might fit into it. Appears to be for a teenage girl of that era and you probably know they were smaller in size back then. I'm already marking my calendar for their May event.


  1. What a great day! I just found your blog! I have a booth at STD too and I'm friends with Susan G. She gave me a flier for the show. Can't wait to meet you!

  2. Hi Sheri! I am eager to see Susan's goodies. Love your ShabbySheep name! Can't wait to meet you too:)

  3. I'm so jealous! Didn't get to go to any sales today because my "check engine" light came on yesterday (after having it in the shop for a new starter) & I was afraid to drive it. My sister, Judy, went & found some great things. Maybe next time. Jan

  4. Darn it Jan :( Your turn will come soonl; but I can tell you from personal experience that's why they call it 'the idiot light' (I learned the hard way).

  5. Teresa, I have found a Himark Bluebird Music Box from a Neighbor, would you be interested? It does play..but I do not remember the tune.

  6. when I went back to take pictures I noticed that one wing had been broken and fixed back. I may have to post the Pictures on my blog I do not see an option to post them here. It plays Oh What a beautiful morning.