Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pheona's Vintage Market-from Junk to Junque

Here's another great event that I hope to attend this Saturday in Billings. I met Shelly G. who exhibits there earlier this Spring and I adored the beautiful displays she and Gretchen created.

All my dealers are crying for more flyers so I picked up a reprint order today. Here are a few more pics of last year's event to whet your appetite :)


  1. I'll check it out on Sat. -- barring any unforeseen circumstances. Thanks, Jan

  2. Thanks for the plugging us on your blog. I will do the same for your event. We all can network and have terrific events. We really appreciate it. Sheila..Pheona's Vintage Market.

  3. Great Sheila! I'm anxious to visit on Saturday.

  4. Looks like a great market i could see me spending many an hour rooting :-)

    Karen (EW)

  5. Hey, so glad to find you from Jan's SS blog. I used to be at Leola's until some health problems got ahold of me. Now I'm at Spring Creek with a new bigger booth right across from the tea room on the end. I'm glad to hear about your sale, this is the first I've known about it. I'll sure try to be there! Come by my blog for a visit!
    Just joined as a follower!

  6. Yay Debra! I'm at Spring Creek too. Just walk out of the ladies room and you are at my booth! I also have the showcase with all the vintage Christmas ornaments. Going now to view your blog:)