Friday, April 23, 2010

Pet Peeves

Still counting down ... just a short week before Bluebird's Vintage Market version 2.0 arrives. I'm crossing my fingers that the thundery weather will have a go this weekend then we'll have blue skies next Friday and Saturday. But even the weatherman can't predict the weather half the time so who knows? So glad we have a covered barn but it sure makes it easier if you don't have to dodge the raindrops getting unloaded.

I titled this one "Pet Peeves" because I had to 'suggest' to someone this morning who was having a sale that they could reap benefits by being a little bit more careful and discerning in their pricing practices. We all know that it's easy to use the pre-made sticky dots to price at garage sales, but add one of those to a vintage paper item and you may as well toss it in the trash 9 times out of 10. Case in point:

I admit that I used an old sticker on this cute book (did you see the bluebirds on the cover?!) for purposes of illustration, but at this same sale they had other vintage Little Golden Books with the stickers firmly attached. How easy it would be to just purchase a roll of 'Post-It Tape'

It's sad to think of the beautiful Turn of the Century books (Harrison Fishers, Howard Chandler Christy, etc.) with fragile paper covers that have been ruined by not taking a little more care.

So that's my pet peeve for today; glad I have it out of the way. See you all next Saturday :)

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