Thursday, April 29, 2010


Don't forget that Bluebird's Vintage Market will be held RAIN or SHINE! I was lucky to get notices in both the Springfield News-Leader May calendar pages and the Weekend Section so it's creating a lot of interest. The merchandise will be inside, out of the weather. We'd love to have a balmy 70 degree day with gentle breezes and sunshine but if not...we're prepared!

Here's the sign to look for ... when you see this you're nearly there...

A couple of dealers have brought some things on over and started setting up and I must say I'm really excited at the things I've seen. There's a wide variety of goods so you're sure to find several "must haves".

The mini tea room my daughter Natalie is setting up promises to be memorable. Here's a sampling of the menu Granny Bridges chocolate cake ... Mom's Apple Pie ... Coconut Walnut Bread from the recipe used at Kirby House Tea Room in Abilene, KS ... and we're planning to offer the sweetest, reddest, most mouthwatering Ozark-grown strawberries. Are you hungry yet? That's just to whet your appetite. Everything is homemade except the doughnuts so if you forget breakfast you can have one of those with a steaming cup of coffee.

And more good news for shoppers:  local delivery is available for large purchases. The details will be worked out with buyer and the delivery person but it's nice to know you don't have to pass up a larger piece of furniture if you see it.

Thanks in advance to my dealers for supporting this sale every step of the way. They are the best! And also my daughter who is coming in from Kansas to arrange the Tea Room. Last but never least, my wonderful mother, Juanita Bridges, who has worked by my side tirelessly checking off one "to do" list then starting another one. Whether it's laundering vintage linens and ironing them with just the right amount of 'real' starch, baking up a slew of pies, or whisking away a cob web, she has been there all the way.

Hope to see you all Saturday! It's gonna be a lot of fun :)


  1. I may just bring my tent and set up tonight. Can't wait!!! Jan

  2. Cool! What time does it open? Hope I can come. Xo

  3. Teresa & Juanita, you are to be Congratulated on the great show today! Missed out on last year's but sure won't be missing another one. Made the mistake of catching up with friends I hadn't seen in too long of time so I missed out on a few super buys but I learned my lesson: shop and THEN visit! It was a happy morning and the setting was just perfect - rising fog and all! Bravo, ladies!

  4. Hi Teresa, wow, what a fabulous time! The show was incredible and all the dealers spaces were great, and so were the prices! It's a good thing I had my husband with me. He got to hold all my stash!
    Now my next question is when are you doing this again? I know it's a ton of work, but girl, you have a wonderful venue. I could come every month!
    I wanted to post before the show, but I was gone for several days and didn't get the chance. I'm planning a post for later in the week to show off my wonderful finds!
    Thanks for a great day Saturday!

  5. Debra so far this is an annual event. So much work! It will be planned the first Saturday of every May for the time being. Can't wait to see your goodies! And thanks for your nice feedback.

  6. How fitting to find this blog today on Mother's Day...Bluebirds were her favorite and I have lots of little bluebird whatnots of hers...found the blog through Leola's mother's middle name...fate! I would love to attend your show! It looks like a wonderful one!