Saturday, May 8, 2010


Here's a tribute to my wonderful mom, Juanita Bridges...who has always tried to keep me 'lined up'

She taught me about collecting and antiques and so much more. Things like "use the good china, if you don't use it now when WILL you use it?" and one of my all time favorites, "if you can't wear your best outfit to the White House where can you wear it?!" I appreciate all her help, encouragement, and friendship. We still get together and laugh like two teenagers.

Happy Mother's Day!

For a fun look at moms, check out this blog...


  1. I checked out the blog & it was very cute. You're lucky to have your Mom & have the relationship you do. Have a great Mother's Day. Jan

  2. Yes, I'm truly blessed. Thanks Jan...Happy Mom's Day!