Saturday, July 31, 2010

July at Relics

I finally took some photos today at Relics. There are new dealers coming in every day I'm there and it's a lot of fun to visit and see what they are bringing in. I have tried to show some of the variety you'll find and am so pleased that my first full month at Relics has been wildly successful. Thanks so much to Beverly and Matthew for opening the Springfield antique mall and for the staff that helps keep it humming right along. And last but not least my customers -- Thank You! Please come back often to see what's happening at Relics Antique Mall!

Here are some views of my two booths....the first two pictures are of my second booth (F-16) watching for a fabulous tramp art sewing stand that I'll be bringing in next week...

Here's a couple of views of my original booth, right next to the line of glass showcases in the middle of the Mall....

And here's what makes Relics enjoyable ... the team ... Beverly welcomes Monte who started moving into his booth on Row "M" after 4 pm today. He'll have his signature painted furniture, vintage garden decor and he'll stack it high so you'll want to linger and browse

And here's always smiling Teresa manning the front desk (BTW she spells her name correctly, same as me LOL).
Now just a couple of great booths and I'll post more later.....but the bottom line is you've gotta stop by! Remember it's Air Conditioned so it's cool and comfortable shopping :)


  1. Hey Teresa, loved seeing you the other day and getting a chance to visit. Hopefully I'll get my post up some time soon! I'm lovin' my teapot. It's just what I LOVE!!! Have a wonderful week. I'm making relics my weekly dose of GOOD STUFF!

  2. Great seeing you and finally getting to visit a little Debra! Can't wait to see the pics!

  3. Oh Teresa I wish I was near enough to visit, it looks a great place to rummage.